SchwarzkOPF Blonde Me Developer 9% 30vol 1 L

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Schwarzkopf Professional’s BlondMe Premium Developer will leave any blonde in great condition no matter its shade or hair type. Available in four different strengths for any colour need, this 9%/30 volume developer is ideal for any bleaching technique as it provides up to 7 levels of lift. The secret to its power? A high concentration Mineral Oil that will support the hair’s natural moisture and leave it stunningly soft and shining. This Oil also results in a less watery mixture, which can affect the dilution of the dyestuff, alkalisers and peroxide upon application. An ideal partner to every Schwarzkopf BlondMe bleach and colour shade, this developer promises maximum results.

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Benefit of uses:

9%/30 Vol developer provides up to seven levels of lift
High concentration Mineral Oil that supports hair’s natural moisture
Creates less watery mixture when mixed with bleach powder
Leaves hair soft and shining with maximum results


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